In today’s world, every individual has to generate a revenue in order to survive, however, it is fair to say that most people want to have the opportunity to make money while enjoying how they make that specific money – This is where job satisfaction comes into play.

Job satisfaction can be considered as a very personal component of one’s working life

We hope that knowing the different variant of Job satisfaction will allow you to identify what makes you happy or what is lacking in your current day to day.

Job satisfaction has many facets, it is therefore important to know the different factors that satisfies you when it comes to your career, here are the different variants:

  • Job Security represented by the psychological state in which workers vary their expectations of job continuity within an organisation:

Question to ask yourself: Is my job safe? Am I secure in my company.

  • Pay: represents the need for individual to gain substantial money in order to survive but also have the ability to satisfy their economic needs and desires by having a sense of economical security and living a standard of life they wish for.

Question to ask yourself: Am I satisfy with my current pay/revenue? Am I financially stable? Can I buy what I need and desire each month?

  • Leadership, can be very important for some individual who require closeness to their leaders, managers or if the individual is a leader, it can be represented by the ability of one’s to ‘lead the flock’?

Question to ask yourself: How satisfied am I of my relationship with my leaders? Am I leading those who report to me effectively?

  • Equity & Fairness, it is important to be threated fairly no matter their age, gender, race, religion, sex and beliefs.

Question to ask yourself: Am threated fairly & equally at work?

  • Self- actualization, which is the ability to one day become everything that one id capable of becoming’ which is experienced a personal growth and fulfilment through their work activities

Question to ask yourself: Am I fulfilled by my everyday activities? Am I working on the bigger picture? Is what I am currently doing taking to my dream job?

It is essential for you to understand that satisfaction can come from one or a mix of different variants depending on the individual. However, it is primordial for you to know what allows YOU to feel fulfilled, secured, when it comes to your everyday activities.  Knowing what gives you everyday satisfaction is a great tool when it comes to choosing the right career path but also the right job.

Job satisfaction assessment is also a great way for you to reflect and get to know yourself more.

Ellen Osei Opoku (2017)

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