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About GUBA Careers

Helping people all around the world bag their dream job.

GUBA Careers addresses a gap between those in the diaspora and those who reside in Ghana. This organisation sees to providing a platform and a bridge for recruiters to interact and meet potential candidates. This year we have a range of opportunities in several fields including: Business, Politics, Law, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Education, HR and Radio.

What’s more, GUBA Careers stands as a prime opportunity for investors
to locate business opportunities in Ghana through interaction with local businesses present, identifying overseas strategic partnership. With Ghana’s new government focused on establishing relationships with the diaspora community, GUBA Careers is a key opportunity for members of the diaspora to integrate into Ghana society and contribute their skills and investment into the nation.

GUBA Careers also seeks to assist people with the integration into Ghana by providing advice on transitioning back in the areas of homes, networking and the like.

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We are GUBA Enterprise, founded in 2009 by recently awarded MBE Dentaa Amoateng.

GUBA is a non-profit organisation instituted to celebrate, acknowledge, and support Ghanaian based businesses based in the UK &; abroad.
At GUBA we provide an engaging platform for promoting greater cultural diversity in the UK as well as raising the profile of Ghana. Through our many subsidiaries, including GUBA Careers, GUBA Awards and GUBA Foundation, we initiate and support charitable schemes to assist the Ghanaian community in the UK and within Ghana.

Whether it awarding high achievers and pioneers in the Ghanaian community, or working to address, GUBA seeks to be a middle man between Ghana and the European Diaspora.

Our work has widely acknowledged and endorsed by dignitaries and organisations including The Ghana High Commission to the UK & Ireland, The British High Commission in Ghana, The Ghana Ministry of Tourism, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Cherie Blaire CBE QC, Lord Paul Boateng, Diane Abbott MP and Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

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